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Britney Spears, Strung Out, Wrung Out, Hung Out To Dry: Acute Withdrawal Often Produces Emotional Outbursts 24.Sep.2007

Waaaaah!!Laugh if you must, but you'd be crying too if you were too stubborn and immature to understand you brought this all on yourself. That meeting with the new lawyer must have been a doozie.

Looks like Britney's new legal reps are giving her a taste of tough love. Perhaps they made her submit to a drug test - kind of a dry run, if you will - and when it came up dirty they read her the riot act about losing her kids. They apparently also told her to start dressing like a mommy while she's out, because she went from wearing a little black floursack of a dress to jeans and a cardigan once she spotted the paps.

I wonder who's going to jump on the I Saw Britney Drugging Out bandwagon next. It could be anyone who needs a little publicity. Any day now some other has-been or wannabe will step up to say they had a night of torrid sex, topless pool sex or fentanyl lollipops by the light of the moon. Like Blohan, Britney's crisis is bringing out the worst in the worst kind of people, those who love to capitalize on another's misfortune. The fact that Fat Tony has been exposed as an opportunist and less than credible doesn't undo the damage already done. Britney's got a long road ahead of her, and it will be that much harder if she doesn't learn to accept help and advice from those who care about her.