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Jessica Biel Does Glamour 02.Jun.2010

Jessica on GlamourJessica Biel seems to be everywhere right now as she starts to promote her sure to a be a blockbuster film, The A-Team. She talked to Glamour about how she is very similar to her character in The A-Team because they are both romantic adrenaline junkies. Hmm. The film does look pretty awesome and the fact that she is supposed to have had a romantic past with Bradley Cooper's character (which is obviously rekindled) is pretty sweet. She spoke a little bit about how she regretted not finishing her four years at Tufts University (sounds like she abandoned her roommate mid-semester and the girl had to live with weirdos) but she has had her own great experiences. Come on Jess. Was dating Chris Evans and starring in The Illusionist alongside Edward Norton really better than cramming for finals and doing beer bongs? It probably was which is why every other actress including Claire Danes, both Olsen twins and Kate Bosworth (well to be fair Kate just got accepted to Princeton and then deferred for four years but was sure to mention this fact in every interview over those years). Whatever. College was awesome. And maybe if she had completed college she would have realized I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry was not the best film to do. It was also recently reported that Jessica has nabbed a role in the Broadway musical version of Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown. Jess has done some musical theater (she appeared in a big production of Guys & Dolls in L.A. last summer as one of the leads) and maybe her boyfriend will give her some music tips. Jessica Biel in The A-Team