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Jimmy Kimmel Has More Friends Than Sarah Silverman And Matt Damon 26.Feb.2008

And they all know about that thing he's got with Ben Affleck.

It may have taken him a couple of weeks, but now we know why. Kimmel had some serious logistics to figure out. His answer to Sarah's I'm F***ing Matt Damon video has more celebrity cameos than the last three awards shows - Brad Pitt shows up as a FedEx guy, Harrison Ford blows a kiss from a nearby car, Cameron Diaz, Pete Wentz, Josh Groban ... the list goes on and on.

Kimmel's video is genius - every bit as good as Sarah's - some of the best comedy to come out in a long time. It also goes to show why these two are perfect for each other. Or will end up choking the life out of each other.