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Rachel Zoe Is Pregnant. Now She'll Have To Eat 18.Nov.2010

Chupacabra breeds!At least one would think so. But I've always wondered if Rachel was the subject of a blind item I read somewhere and now can't find, about a reality star who is pregnant but still starving herself so badly that her husband is afraid of announcing the pregnancy in case it doesn't go full term. Rachel has always been a bag of bones, and tried to make everyone around here equally emaciated, but I don't know if she'd take it that far. Would she?

One thing's for sure - she looks better, healthier than she ever has. It's amazing what a little food will do for a raisinface. Even with a couple pounds she's still so thin that it was impossible for her to hide her bump anymore, even under big, billowy smocks. She looks about four or five months along.

So now Rachel has to eat. It won't hurt her, and she's gotta know that she'll probably lose all the weight in no time. I wonder if she's given up the Botox, though. Do they allow pregnant women to get it? I wouldn't think it would be healthy for the baby, but nine months without Botox and Rachel will look like a freeze-dried shar pei.