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Chris Brown Won't Do Jail Time, Cops A Plea 22.Jun.2009

Poor sad little scumbagHe probably didn't believe it right up until the end. He tried to appeal to the last three or four fans he has left. He tried to smear her reputation by releasing dirty pictures. He even tried to make it her fault, saying she attacked him first. None of it worked, and when he found out she was scheduled to testify against him today he realized this was all for real and he faced real world hard time behind bars. Felony assault, after all, is felony assault.

But he did get off easy. He'll do 180 days of "hard labor" - things like picking up trash on the side of the highway - in Virginia, his home state. He also has to enroll in a domestic violence program and be on supervised probation for five years. He also has to stay away from Rihanna, but that shouldn't be so hard to do - she'll be jetting all over the world enjoying her international stardom while he's flipping burgers at the local Bob's Big Boy.

I'm sure Rihanna was relieved not to have to testify, to relive that horrific night once again. She's been smart and has moved on, leaving his sorry trash ass in the dirt where he belongs. Hopefully she'll get counseling, too, so she can avoid making the same wrong choices that got her involved with a guy like that to begin with.