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The Real Guy Ritchie: Does This Man Look Cuckolded To You? 07.Jul.2008

You blokes will believe anything!One thing's for sure: No one could ever accuse Guy Ritchie of being stupid. His wife is obscenely wealthy, and he leads a pampered life. Best of all, she's in the gym 8 to 10 hours a day, so he's got the kids and house to himself.

Guy and Madonna may or may not have been leading separate lives recently, but I don't think they're going to split any time soon. I wouldn't put it past Madge to hold off on a divorce announcement until after her tour wraps later this year, but Guy doesn't strike me as a Nick Cannon kind of guy: Would he stand by and watch his wife round the bases with baseball's biggest man-whore just for a multi-million-dollar payout? He looks like he's got more pride than that.

Only time will tell if this pair make it through this allegedly rocky time in their union. I really hope they do; they seem a good match and they have a beautiful family. It would be a shame if Madonna takes the kids and moves back to New York as it's been reported. Stick it out, Madge! Jocks come and go, but you may never meet another good Guy.