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You Know What's Really Unfortunate? That Katherine Heigl Still Has A Job 10.Aug.2009

Thinks she's better than youIt's also unfortunate that her poor co-workers have to put up with her arrogant snot-nose attitude. And for what? It's McDreamy and Steamy that people watch Grey's for, not this bitch.

But she's made a little name for herself, and her movie with the Scottish dogwalker isn't doing too bad. She even tries to be nice to people now and then. The only problem is she can't keep up the facade: sooner or later that bitchface comes shining through. And that's why we all hate her.

Hag-l was recently on Letterman bitching about the 17-hour day she had to work on her first day back from pretending to be a big movie star and how it was cruel and mean." Um, yeah. What she doesn't say is the reason they had to work such a long day: to make up for all the time they had to wait for her to put out her nasty cigarettes and join them on the set.

Well, ABC entertainment pres Steve McPherson isn't putting up with her shit. When told of Haggardl-y's snippy remarks, McPherson sighed, shook his head and said it was "unfortunate" that this one bad apple was making everyone look bad with her bratty behavior. I agree, Steve. So how 'bout just ordering a nice little Mischa Barton-style farewell for Katherine? She obviously doesn't appreciate what she's got, and there are so many more talented professionals who would.