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Now We Know Why Britney's Been Wearing That Hat. 18.May.2007

Hard to be-weave Trashy is as trashy do. Is Britney really such a pinhead that she doesn't ask to see the back of her head when getting her hair done? I've never seen that girl with a good weave. Even when she had a normal head of hair, her extensions always looked like they came from My Pretty Pony.

Even a bumblehead like Paris can manage to find a salon that can make her look good. Why is it that Britney always heads to the burbs to get her hair done, instead of Malibu or Beverly Hills?

I'll tell you why. Britney is cheap. Too cheap to pay a stylist, too cheap to invest in a decent wardrobe, too cheap to get her hair done right. She buys houses all over the world but still dresses like it's 1985 and she's living in a double-wide.

Hey, Brit, you should have spent the extra $100 or so and let them dye those dark roots first. But I guess that would cut into your coke, I mean, diaper money.