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Tuesday Is Coming Out Day: Clay Aiken And Lindsay Lohan Proclaim Their Love, But Not For Each Other 23.Sep.2008

Why now? Oh, those crazy Clay-mates must be freaking the f**k out!! Are they going to turn on him for misleading them all this time? I'd be careful if I were Clay.

In one of its most unsurprising revelations ever, People has Clay Aiken on this week's cover proclaiming, "I am gay". After repeated vehement denials of his blatant man-lovingness, Clay claims he came clean because "I cannot raise a child to lie or hide things". Really? Has he spent all his Spamalot money already? I guess that surrogate business doesn't come cheap. Wonder how much they paid him for his non-story.

Broke as she allegedly is, I don't think money was the motive behind Lindsay Lohan's somewhat oblique confession that she and Sam the Man Ronson have been going out for "a long ... a very long time." Lindsay had called in to Loveline to talk about DJ AM and Travis Barker when she was tricked into answering a question about her love life. Her less than frank answer could be because Sam was right there, holding the baggie out of her reach until she said what she wanted her to say. Or she suddenly became shy for the first time in her life. Most likely it was a dig at her douchebag dad, who knocks her boyish girlfriend every chance he gets.