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Holy Sugartits! Mel Gibson Caught On Tape In Racist Rant. Who's The Psycho C**t Now? 02.Jul.2010

"Hate you." "Hate you more."Wow. He really is a crazy piece of shit, isn't he? I guess he was on his best behavior the night of his DUI in Malibu. That was nothing compared to what Oksana allegedly captured on tape. If this is the real Mel Gibson ... wow. Just wow.

Radar Online has the scoop on Mel's psycho rants, reportedly recorded by Oksana because she feared for her life. And rightfully so. In one, Mel tells her, "You look like a f***ing pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of n***ers, it will be your fault." He also said that he'd burn her house down, but that she would blow him first. Nice f**king guy. How did Robyn put up with this for some 30-odd years? He wasn't a happily married father of seven who just woke up one day drunk and nasty; he's been like that for years.

Which brings us to the question of where the tape came from. There's a gag order in effect in this case. If Oksana leaked the tapes she could be in some deep doodies. She might even get less support money, which would be ironic if she was orchestrating all this drama for a fat settlement. Not that I'm saying she's making things up, but who knows? An audio recording or transcript is just that. It doesn't say what happened before the tape started running. Oksana could have been running around the front yard wearing nothing but bacon strips and Easy Cheese. You'd be trippin', too ... but still. Dude is out to lunch without a freakin' sandwich.