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On Borrowed Time: Mayer Has Outlived His Usefulness, Will Soon Go The Way Of Other Paid Escorts Before Him 24.Feb.2009

Aw, c'mon, honey. Those other girls don't mean a thing to meTake a good look at the spinster's face. Not pleased? Bitch is pissed. Guess she finally caught John collecting digits when her back was turned. Took her long enough.

But now he has served his purpose. Without Mayer at her side, Jen was doomed to attend the Oscars all by her lonesome, and that just wasn't happening. There's no way she could look down at front row center and see her husband (that's ex -husband, Jen) sitting there with that ... that ... breeder. That she could have all those babies and still look like that ... ooh, it pisses her off.

Now take a look at John's body language. He knows he's in trouble. When have you ever seen him that affectionate with any woman? He hasn't hugged someone like that since his days of Butter. Speaking of, they better make room at the bar; it won't be long now.