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Top 10 Reasons Letterman Sex Tape Would Be Bad For Dave 21.Oct.2009

Showing his true colorsThat's right, folks. According to The Enquirer, there may be a Letterman sex tape floating around. I'm sure he's not the first to dip his wick in the office inkwell, but I guess it only goes to show that you should know where the security cameras are. And so, in homage to Dave's funniest bit, here are the top 10 reasons a Letterman sex tape would not be good:

10. Nobody wants to see Dave's O-face. 9. Nobody wants to see Dave naked, or with his shorts around his ankles. 8. It's bound to be bad for morale: Like I said, I'm sure he's not alone; if any of his co-workers have been playing the same game, they've got to be shitting a brick. 7. Now they'll never move him to prime time. 6. It may cost him his job and tarnish his career forever. 5. It may cost him even more , if his wife files for divorce, as she's said to be contemplating. 4. He's ruined the intern game for everyone. 3. Hillary Clinton will never return his calls now. 2. John Edwards will want to be his friend.

And the number 1 reason a Letterman sex tape would be bad:

1. The other guys will want to do one. Leno and his chin? Conan and his carrot top? Guh-ross.