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Justin Long Pulls Caboose On Tila's Very Long Train 05.Nov.2008

Doomed: Stuck it where he shouldn't haveWow. Drew Barrymore must have shredded this dude's heart. Justin was said to be head over heels in love with Drew, but she never took him seriously, grew bored with him and dumped him before he could grow a five o'clock shadow. The poor guy just hasn't been right since.

After the dopey little Mac guy picked his bleeding heart up off the floor he went out clubbing, only to run into the notorious Drunkst, fresh off a stint in rehab and looking to sink her snaggle teeth into something still warm. Their little whatever-you-want-to-call-it didn't last too long, but in the end, even Kirsten stumbled off and left him stranded, rudder in hand. Some worried about Justin after the encounter, but he chose to ignore their concerns.

And now look what he's stepped in. Justin took a trip to Vegas and ended up all tangled up and stuck in reality whore Tila Tequila's contaminated embrace. Witnesses say that Justin asked Tila to "straddle him while making out." I think she just waited until he was too drunk to put up a fight and now he's contaminated. Nobody wants Tila's sloppy seconds.