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Was Gloria Allred An Unwitting Pawn In Extortion Of Britney By Fat Tony? Either Way, The Party's Over. 18.Sep.2007

Cheetos won't help you nowX17 Online reports that Fat Tony attempted to blackmail Britney a couple of months after she fired him, threatening to go public with lurid tales of nudity and drugged debauchery if she didn't pay up. Because Britney felt her parenting skills were unimpeachable (cough cough) she blew him off and kept motherin' them boys like she knewed she should. Well, once again, she was wrong.

Upon review of the evidence presented, the judge went on the record saying "there is a habitual, frequent, and continuous use of controlled substances and alcohol by Britney" and laid down the law, as judges often do. K-Fed haters take note, however: He's got to participate as well, in joint co-parenting counseling and a "Parenting Without Conflict" program. In addition, neither party may drink or take non-prescription drugs within twelve hours of their time with the kids. Neither parent can take the children out of state without written consent of the other, and they are forbidden to trash talk each other. Britney must also submit to random drug and alcohol testing twice a week.

Maybe this is what Britney needs to finally pull it together. Her career is in the toilet; her manager has quit, her lawyer has quit, and her whole family seems to be taking Kevin's side in all this. Looks like it's time for a certain stubby little chumpot to swallow her pride and clean up her act. All she has to say is she's sorry. She knows what for.