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Sarah Jessica Parker Signs On For A Few Roles 20.Dec.2010

Sarah JessicaSarah Jessica Parker is starting to get busy after taking a few months off. She has signed on for two possibly high-profile roles and one not so very high profile role. She has become the latest actress to join the ensemble flick New Year's Eve which right now has a list including Zac Efron, Lea Michele and Abigail Breslin. But she has apparently also signed for the film adaptation of I Don't Know How She Does It which centers around a woman with a fabulous job in finance which leaves her no time for her two children and husband who eventually leaves her. Then she has a flirtation with an American businessman (oh did I mention she is supposed to be British? Perhaps they will change that as I don't know if we are totally ready to see SJP as a Brit) though I could see them casting Jude Law as the charming businessman but I guess not if he is supposed to be American. ) Olivia Munn has signed up to play one of SJP's coworkers and Christina Hendricks will play a friend. SJP is also rumored to have signed on for The Ivy Chronicles about another woman who loses her husband but this one is different because she loses her apartment and job as well.