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Nicole Kidman Still Afraid To Talk About Scientology, But It's Not Tom Who Scares Her 15.Dec.2009

I have ... THE POWER!!!He doesn't faze her. They were together for ten years and she knew how to handle the little emperor - she would just take his things and hold them out of his reach. Even on his tiptoes (or in elevator shoes) he couldn't reach above her shoulder. Maybe with a step stool. And a running start.

So Tom was never really a threat. There was some mysterious drama involved in their breakup that no one will breathe a word about, but some people actually do keep their mouths shut if you pay them enough. Nicole has never really talked about her days as Mrs. Cruise, and she has always refused to discuss Scientology. Some speculate that it's because she fears losing her relationship with the two kids she adopted with Tom, but she has little contact with them now. So what's the deal?

Maybe Nicole's afraid of the one who really runs that house. No, not Katie. It's Suri. The barley milk has worked its magic on her. She needs no coat on the coldest of days. She wears kitten heels better than women ten times her age. And she can leap tall ice cream counters in a single bound. Nicole is no match for Suri, even with that big screen forehead. She's wise to keep her silence.