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The Sex And The City 2 Poster Is Here And....apparently Carrie Is Going Into Space? 10.Dec.2009

SATC2 Yeah. What is with the futuristic lighting? Is it because her fashion is so out of this world? And I guess they really want us to know this is the second film and not the first. Haha. But seriously is she exploring the final frontier because the tag line is ? Carrie On.? Oh Sex & the City franchise. You are way too clever. It is still a mystery as to what the sequel will entail. All we know is that Charlotte think Harry cheats on her, Samantha is Miley Cyrus? s publicist and they wear the same outfit, there is an 80? s flashback, Carrie and Miranda go to Morocco, Carrie thinks BIG cheats on her, Bette Midler does a cameo, Liza Minelli does a cameo, Smith Jarred is back and Carrie wears this outfit in the opening scene. But that is all we know.