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What You Talkin' Bout, Shannon? Gary Coleman's Parents Think He Was Pushed To His Death, Will Sue For Whatever's Left 03.Jun.2010

Pushed? Because that's what it all boils down to, with the people who have surrounded Gary Coleman throughout his life. He was a typical child star who never made the transition to adult roles, fell on hard times, screwed up his life ... like his castmates on Diff'rent Strokes, Gary had it rough.

His kinda-ex, kinda-current wife, Shannon Price, was the epitome of starf**ker, even as F-list as Gary was in his final days. Gary and Shannon had a tumultuous, at times violent relationship before, during and after marriage. She beat him up, he tried to retaliate, but she was at least twice his size, so I'm guessing she usually came out on top. She also did her best to piss away every dime he had, bragging about Vegas trips and shopping binges. A real class act.

Said class act called 911 last week when Gary somehow took a fall down some stairs in the Utah home they still shared. There's no word on what caused his fall - Coleman had a history of seizures and other illnesses - but Shannon wants everyone to know that she didn't push him. Just in case anyone was thinking that.

Shannon also pulled the plug on Gary, ordering him removed from life support because she didn't want him to end up like Muhammad Ali. (Huh? ) Today she was whining that she can't afford to bury him because he couldn't get life insurance. But wait, before you dig out your checkbook (because I know you want to help poor Shannon out), know that help is on the way. Gary's parents have announced that they're taking Shannon to court for everything, because they're suspicious of her. Ya think?