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Make Way For Rayden 14.May.2007

Rachel and Hayden get their domestication onIn your face Adam Brody! I actually consider Adam to be second in line for the father of my children role which means if it for some reason doesn? t workout with John Krasinski Adam is a shoe-in. However, apparently the beautiful and very petite Rachel Bilson was not good enough to be the mother of Adam? s children which is why he dumped her. Or maybe he only likes to date the person who is playing his girlfriend and since the OC was cancelled that is no longer possible. Instead of sulking around in her giant sunglasses and Marc Jacobs ensemble Rachel moved on, did a film and got her groove on with the young Darth Vader aka Hayden Christensen. They have been spotted grocery shopping, hanging out with each other? s families and now buying pet food. This all actually sounds really boring which means it may be rather serious. If they weren? t serious they would probably go to the beach and make-out in the water like Lindsay Lohan. I wonder if Rachel still shares custody of her dog Thurman Murman with Brody? It is always the dogs who suffer in these break-ups.