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Victoria Beckham Tried To Spend Some Of That Spice Girls Money, Overwhelmed By Weight Of Shopping Bag 11.Jan.2008

Hellooo? Little help here? Posh was just frantic. Her husband is earning millions per year whether he can play or not. Her Spice Girls reunion tour is going like gangbusters, with additional US shows being added to satisfy demand. Try as she might, she just can't seem to spend all that money fast enough.

Her buddy Marc Jacobs said he could help. Promising to charge her twice retail if she'd just be his model, Jacobs lured her in with his irresistible fashions. Victoria was ecstatic, and couldn't fill the little bags fast enough. But fill them she did, and that's when disaster struck. She tried to hoist the smallest, but its 50-lb. heft was just too much for her emaciated frame, and she toppled into the bag before anyone could grab her.

"Wait!" Marc cried as he picked up his camera. "This is just too good to pass up." The rest, they say, is history, and a brilliant ad campaign was born. Viva La Posh! Blackwell is clueless.