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Not Only Is He Unbearably Hot, David Beckham Is A Total Gentleman, Shielding His Wife's Naughty Bits From The Upskirt Shot 18.Jul.2007

That Posh is such a lucky girl. Not only is Becks hot-hot-hot, he's a great dad, a money-making machine and he looks out for his lady. I like Victoria, but I'd push her in front of a bus in a heartbeat for a little bit of that.

That's mine, and you can't see it.

In the above shot, David is blocking the paps from taking upskirts of his wife - as usual, she's wearing one of her skintight, shorter-than-short numbers, and she's probably not wearing any underwear. It would spoil the lines of her dress, right? And who knows? Maybe they play "who's got the button" under the table at really boring dinners.

Whether David came up with it on his own or Victoria told him to, it's still a chivalrous gesture, and I have to admit I'm aroused. I'm also impressed with the media savvy of these two - they're really acclimating well to their new life stateside. What a blast they must be having!