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From Cast-off To Catch Of The Day? Leo And Jude Try To Reel In Cameron Diaz 21.Jul.2009

Snarl gurgle gurgleSince when are sea creatures in? She can never hang on to a man for long, but she sure isn't spending much time alone. Since dumping that scruffy sexy British model a few months ago, Cammie has been slowly drifting back into the club scene, even though she's getting a bit old for that kinda stuff. She isn't too old to get laid, though, and she's got some tasty morsels to choose from.

The Sun says Cameron is at the center of an A-list love triangle between Leo DiCaprio and Jude Law. Personally, I think I'd go with Jude, even though he's losing his hair, if only because he seems infinitely nicer. Leo has had his nose in the air and a stick up his ass for years.

It's hard to predict a winner here. Jude and Cameron have been friends for a while, and maybe things have gotten frisky after a few cocktails, but I don't think he's ambitious enough for her. I can totally see her chasing Leo, though, because he's got serious Hollywood clout. They were spotted out at Club Maddox in London recently, where they were "very touchy-feely" and Cammie was spotted kissing Leo's cheek. Either way, she's not doing too bad.