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Celebrity Halloween, Part I: Ali Lohan And Momager Crash Pet Costume Party, May Attack Orphans Next 31.Oct.2008

Be quiet and they'll really think we're catsAli looks like she's wearing Lindsay's hand-me-downs ... from last year. She also looks like she's seen her big sister's plastic surgeon. Her boobs have like quadrupled in size in just a couple of months. She also looks ten years older.

Dina The Merciless (and clueless and tactless) dragged her younger daughter to a costume pet show. It's the only event they could get into. She probably had to pay the photographer to take shots of them, all decked out in decidedly un-trendy attire, right down to the footwear. I guarantee you could find pictures of Lindsay in the very same boots (both pairs) if you cared to dig through all of her tabloid shots. Not that any of us really care.

I feel bad for Ali. Her mother had her pumped to take up where Lindsay left off, as a much in-demand and highly paid star. Unfortunately, with her mother elbow-deep in the till and insisting on calling all the shots, Ali never had a chance. She takes her to all the wrong auditions. She uses all the wrong producers. And she won't deal with the people who might be able to help Ali because she's too greedy. Ali will end up doing store openings and third-rate endorsement deals to support her mother's lifestyle, and that's just too bad.