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Redmond O'neal Popped For Drugs While On Pass From Rehab. Betcha He Was With Dad 05.Jan.2010

Just can't seem to get it rightNot that his father, that pillar of virtue (read: piece of shit) who let his son take the rap last time they got busted together (even though he allegedly had more meth in his room than Redmond did), would admit to anything.

Redmond was in rehab for the last six months or so, since his last drug bust. They let him out for a 24-hour pass and he came back "altered". I'm not sure what that means, but Redmond was probably so cracked and/or smacked out that it was hard to miss. Remember, this is the idiot who got popped for using heroin in a jail parking lot.

The poor little rich kid has been sent back to jail now. And he's facing up to six years for violating his probation. It's not like he wasn't warned: The judge made it clear the last time Redmond violated probation that he'd lock him up if he screwed up again. Which he has. I feel sorry for this sad little junkie, but still, I have to wonder where Ryan was that day ...