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A-rod And The Sea Creature: Cameron Diaz Does Walk Of Shame From Centaur Love Nest 04.May.2010

Here's the cappy houple nowYou'd think they'd put that old nag out to pasture by now. Seriously, first Madge, then the Manslinger, and now Cami the Sea Creature have all fallen under the spell of he who 'roided but avoided any penalty for it. I don't get what women see in this guy - he's not ugly but he's so completely self-absorbed and smug ... ewww.

Apparently not everyone feels the same about the pretty little ball (bag) boy, because he never goes home alone. Especially when his current squeeze is out of town - then he usually brings them home in pairs or threes. The more the merrier, you know. Right now he's got his hands full of the sea creature, though, and she doesn't really like to share. She's been on the other side of that equation too many times; she trusts no bitches.

Cami was spotted slinking out of A-Roid's New York City apartment early Sunday morning. They've been carrying on discreetly since about February, if you believe the reports. I think it's more likely that Cami and Alex began hooking up while he was still with Kate Hudson - there were whispers to that effect, and it's much more Cami's MO, to snatch someone else's hot piece. Either way, expect this one to fizzle out fast - they're both commitment-shy and bore easily. Besides, she's just too West Coast for the Bronx Bombers - she'll never fit in with the other WAGs.