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Can You Spot The Murdering Scumbag In This Picture? Oj Simpson Adds Armed Robbery To His Bag Of Tricks 14.Sep.2007

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck ...Yes, I know. OJ said the victim in question was in possession of sports paraphenalia stolen from him years ago. And because he's OJ Simpson he simply got a few thugs together, held the guy up at gunpoint and took his shit back. Why wouldn't he feel he could take the law into his own hands? Once you've gotten away with murder it all seems laughable.

You know what really kills me about this picture? Look at all those stupid women posing with him. Yes, I said stupid. He beat his wife for years until he finally killed her. He also killed a totally innocent man who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. OJ should be on Death Row, not Ocean Drive. Nicole and Ron Goldman are in the ground, and OJ spends his time playing golf and club trawling for drug-addled floozies. He has little or nothing to do with his children from his marriage to Nicole, who have been living with their grandparents since their mother was killed. He also collects a tidy NFL pension that is not subject to the $33 million civil judgment against him. Like I said, murdering scumbag.