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Sugar Tits Indeed: Mel Gibson Afraid Of His Babymama, Gets Restraining Order 24.Jun.2010

I TOLD you. Stop FOLLOWING meYeah, that worked out pretty well for Gary Coleman, too, that old restraining order. At least Mel's lawyer seems to have half a brain and was able to serve said order on Oksana today - which was more than Gary's lawyer could seem to do. (The order isn't valid unless it's served, for those who've never gone out with a crazy. Trust me, it's overrated. Going out with a crazy, I mean, not the restraining order.)

Anyway, it looks like the amicable split and co-parenting deal between Mel Gibson and the mother of his illegitimate child, Oksana "Stab You In Your Sleep" Grigorieva, has fallen by the wayside. Things have gotten so bad Gibson was forced to seek protection from the court - or so he'd have you believe. I think the motivation behind his move could be more monetary than anything: Mel hasn't made a big movie in a long time, he's got 9 kids to support and a pissed-off ex-wife to pay off. And if that wasn't bad enough, Mel's also being sued by a contractor who claims the old drunky stiffed him for $200,000. Deadbeat bitch.

There's no word on what Oksana did to earn said order - it was of course sealed - but it's said to involve three issues and Mel's access to baby Lucia. He'll probably try to drag things out in court forever to try and bankrupt her, but hey, it's not like she's got anything else to do with her time. Besides, if he keeps her occupied she won't try to make any more music. The birds and small mammals couldn't take that again.