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Hell Hath No Fury Like A Midget On The Red Carpet At A Charity Event. Cheerleader Needs To Stand Down 10.Mar.2009

Not until I have a cocktailWhat? She stepped out of the car and blew a tit because she couldn't see over the curb? !? She's getting paid - free airfare, free hotel - to appear at a hospital fundraiser in beautiful Hawaii.

Everyone knows I like to poke fun at the mighty midget, little club veteran that she is. But leading a privileged life can only excuse so much. What on earth could have her so out of sorts that she had to pitch a bitch on the red carpet, all because the press wanted to take her picture and maybe share a few words with her. Did they run out of eligible bachelors at the Seniors Center? Was she denied entry at the Just For Men bash? She doesn't think their beard is weird. She likes 'em gray and crinkly.

Whatever excuse her publicist comes up with tomorrow, it just doesn't cut it. The whole point of inviting celebrities to fundraising events is to draw the press and raise awareness for whatever cause they're working for. It is unacceptable for someone to get a free ride like that ... and then rant and rave the whole time. They should stick the bitch with the bill and bring someone else in, someone who's grateful for the opportunity to help, and let Hayden go back to seducing the grampies.