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It Has Conquered Malawi: Madge Will Be Able To Buy Mercy After All 09.Jun.2009

I TOLD you bitchesGet this: Madonna's big-mouth lawyer was able to "convince" two of the three appellate judges presiding over her appeal of Malawi's law against child trafficking. Aw, c'mon now, don't be upset. She wanted to give David a baby sister he could relate to, and we all know Madge always gets what she wants. She's able to have her cake (Mercy) and eat it, too (Jesus), and now nothing will stand in her way.

Madonna originally lost the case because she didn't qualify as a resident of Malawi and because she's a cradle-robbing old whore. Apparently the government didn't approve. Madge claimed to be heartbroken when she was denied her Mercy, but we all know she was just good and pissed. Nobody says no to Madge and gets away with it.

And so she sicced her legal team (and bottomless checkbook) on those poor Malawian judges. It was only a matter of time before her goons simply wore them down. It wasn't such a big deal for her. What's a million bucks to a multi-billionaire like Madge? She probably spent more tightening her face last year. Hopefully it helped some of the country's needy children and not some greedy diplomat.