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Jennifer Aniston Is Flying Paul Sculfor's Parents In To Meet Her. Will They Have To Sign A Pre-nup, Too? 27.Jul.2007

I thought these two were history, but apparently Jen needed some more of Paul's suspiciously shadowy crotch. Or perhaps the biological clock is ticking - she needs a sperm donor and he's not too shabby to look at. Either way, it's back on, and moving toward commitment territory.

Mix n Match Maniston After a respite, during which Jen barricaded herself behind a wall of Smart Water in her Malibu mansion and Paul went back to looking for lonely rich and famous girls, the lukewarm romance between this manly twosome is said to be back on. Jen has decided she wants to play Meet the Parents with the Sculfors and is flying them stateside to hold court. How very royal of her. Do you think she booked them economy or first class?

I'm not sure what she could see in this guy, other than he's fairly good looking and apparently knows how to make her happy - she's just beaming in every picture you see. Right. Perhaps even she knows they're not such a good fit. Or maybe he's just for show. She's still pining for Brad, but doesn't want Angelina to find out, so she got herself a pretend boyfriend. Wonder if he's getting paid?

It could be worse. She could be banging Calum Best.