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Yoko Paltrow And Her Goop Want To Kill Off Coldplay 25.Aug.2009

Still thinks she's better than youEh, perhaps it's just as well. Their last album wasn't bad, but it didn't move me like their earlier work. Maybe it is time to move on.

But Gwyneth has always resented her husband's creative side. When he's into his music she's got no hold over him. She's such a control freak that it just kills her. But he's rubber to her Goop - it just bounces off him and annoys the shit out of the rest of us.

Doesn't she have enough to do? What with the Goop, the gym, and her newest acquisition - her neighbor's house - you'd think she'd have enough to keep her busy. Apparently not, though. She won't be happy until everyone's pale, pasty and macrobiotic.