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Just When You Thought Cannes Was Safe: Paris Hilton And The Return Of The Ass Flaps 21.May.2010

Flop slap flop slapAww, man! I thought Paris had toned her shit down, and was keeping her crunk under wraps. But word is out that Paris has been partying like a Blohan (more on that bitch later) since she broke up with her famewhoring loser boyfriend. I guess it was only a matter of time before she got caught with her flaps down.

I still don't get what is UP with Wonky's flappy blappy ass. The rest of her body always looks so toned - we covered her freakish musculature a while back - does she not notice her ass flappin' around back there like a wet sheet on a windy day? Damn, girl. That isn't applause or flash bulbs. That is your ass. Cover that nasty shit up.

Paris is really getting too old for hiking her skirts in public like this. She's gonna end up one of those crazy old billionaire biddies with 80 cats and dead Chihuahuas piled up to the ceiling. We can only hope it doesn't breed. Wonky, that is. Not the pile of dead dogs.