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The High Price Of Herpes 16.Apr.2007

To the average person, the worst consequence of getting genital Herpes would likely be the lifetime of breakouts and total damper on your sex life. Paris Hilton is not the average person. Paris

To her, the high price of Herpes is cold hard cash. Recently, when Paris tried on two bikinis in Fred Segal, but wasn? t wearing underwear (surprise, surprise) as is required by law, the employees insisted she buy them. Paris told them to beat it and walked out without paying.

I hope they boiled those bikini bottoms, soaked them in rubbing alcohol and then burned them. Even though you know my ass would be pumped to borrow a bikini from Paris if she offered.

My condolences to the poor beeyotch who ended up buying those bathing suits. At least you can say you got something from Paris Hilton, even if it is the clap.