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Levi Johnston Took Off All His Clothes And They Sent His Mother To Jail 21.Nov.2009

Ricky Hollywood (snicker snicker)Aw, shy boy, hiding his little wanker like that. It probably looks like a cocktail shrimp.

The Boy Who Hates Sexy Sarah had a big week. His Playgirl spread was released, and he looks like an ignorant redneck, but we knew that about him. If we didn't, his behavior this week would have sealed the deal.

On a flight earlier this week, Levi had a hissy when he wasn't treated like a big star. ( He calls himself Ricky Hollywood now.) After he pitched a bitch they let him board the plane first so he could feel like a big deal going to his first class seat. Then he went to the GQ Man of the Year party and tried being a real playah, only to be shunned by men, women and paparazzi alike. He kind of hovered around on the outskirts until they closed the open bar and then slithered off home.

One person who won't be there waiting with milk and cookies is Levi's mom, Sherry, who was just sentenced to 5 years in jail for dealing Oxycontin. Maybe he can spend the holidays with the Palins. I hear they'd love to have him - skewered, slow-roasted over an open fire.