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What Are These People Trying To Say About Uma Thurman? Prettyboring Readers Speak Out 14.Mar.2008

The Bride, not the rideI always like to read the comments left by our visitors. There is some hate mail, but there are also a lot of really funny people out there leaving wickedly funny shit for us, and for this we thank you. I'd rather think that than think it's just one rabid recluse - they're all from "Anonymous". Oh ... my ... God. You don't think it's the same Anonymous that's stalking the Scientologists, do you?

Anonymous took a break from dodging process servers to dish about a post I wrote about Uma Thurman wearing a see-through dress to goose a flagging career. He/she/it wrote: "Uma Thurman's naked body could be used as an adult theme park. I bet at least half a dozen people could ride her at the same time." Would that be an Uma Flume? A Tunnel of D-Um(a)?

Don't feel too bad for Uma. Her career is doing just fine these days. After her marriage to Ethan Hawke was destroyed by his dalliance with the nanny who is now pregnant with his child Uma has gone on to enjoy the company of a series of fabulously wealthy men who treat her like a goddess.