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Amy Winehouse And Tool Husband Batter Each Other Bloody Then Go Home To Snuggle 23.Aug.2007

Love means ripping your throat outBecause really, make-up sex is always the best kind. Some couples seem to thrive on that kind of drama, and Amy and Blake certainly do seem the type.

Since checking themselves out of rehab the couple has been holed up in a ritzy hotel. At about 11 PM two nights ago, Amy was spotted outside the hotel meeting with a young girl. Witnesses say they hugged and a small "package" appeared to change hands. Ugh.

Within just hours Amy and Blake were heard screaming at each other, and a concierge was called to attend to self-inflicted wounds on Amy's arms. Things then calmed down a bit, but by 2:30 the brawl was on again, with Amy spotted fleeing from her bloody husband. She ran out into the street, flagged down a carful of girls, and took off before Blake could catch her. The girls dropped her off at a gas station down the road, where she bought a pack of smokes and caught a ride back to the hotel. Which is of course where she reunited with her husband, and they took a few minutes to catalog their injuries for the media. Blake was covered in blood and scratches, while Amy had bruising on her neck and swollen knuckles. By all appearances it would seem that she kicked the snot out of him. Brava!

But don't be too happy for Amy - after all, she did go back upstairs with Blake, and they must have switched from crack to heroin, because not a peep was heard from them. They shouldn't get too comfortable. Word is that their families are converging on the hotel for an emergency intervention meeting, since that went so well the first time.