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Kate Gosselin Splurges On $2,000 Haircut While Her Kids Go Hungry, No Shoes On Their Feet 09.Dec.2010

Bleached-out dustmopOK, OK, so I exaggerate. A little. Alleged (by Eric Roberts, anyway, which is no big deal except you gotta watch for his crazy sister - she will shank a bitch) child abuser Kate Gosselin did in fact spend two grand on a haircut. Extravagant c**t, isn't she? Her children really aren't going hungry, though. That's what all the hired help is for, to do the menial things like feed and nourish her children. She's got bigger and better things to do.

Like taking care of herself, her number one priority. So Kate and her sexy stud bodyguard dumped off the kids and headed for the Big Apple, where they cruised the S&M dungeons for a little inspiration (I bet you can't guess who gets the top). No, seriously, Kate needed to get her hair done, and because nothing's too good for this bitch (leave the hand-me-downs to the kids), she went to Ted Gibson and got the works: cut, color, keratin treatment; all told, about $2,000, and guess what? She still looks like ASS. I've seen better hair on a ... oh, never mind.

Best of all, while Kate's pissing away her TLC dollars faster than she can earn them, she's also taking her ex back to court for $125,000 in back child support. She'll be due for another round of Botox soon, or maybe a lip plumping or two. And what about the kids, their shoes, their futures? Is there anyone keeping her from spending all their money before they're old enough to get it? No. They get week-old sandwiches.