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Kate Major, Brainless Twit: She's Either Getting Paid Or Getting Laid To Drop Charges Against Michael Lohan 18.Aug.2010

Who's your daddy now? You think that's harsh? This is a girl who had a damn good job at a tabloid, a writer who actually made a living writing. (Most of us have day jobs.) She gave it all up for freakin' Jon Gosselin. She hasn't worked an honest day since, and why should she? She thinks she's famous now. Addled ninny.

After things didn't work out with that loser, the pudgy little famewhore wasted no time jumping from the lard bucket (Jon) to his one-time "buddy", Michael Lohan. She's only a few years older than Lindsay, by the way, and was playing way out of her league by messing with the Dad that no one wants to have. This was no Hollywood pretty boy; Papa Lohan is a violent convicted felon, and true to form, he finally allegedly snapped on her one day and tossed her around like the bag of turnips she resembles. She pressed charges; he got popped and retaliated by posting topless pictures of an obviously unconscious Kate. Niiiice.

And so what does Little Miss Major do? She drops the charges. And the restraining order. She says she has "personal reasons" (read: stupid and she knows it) for doing this, and she's "fine with the outcome" (either he's banging her behind the Quickie Mart or he's cutting her a check). Maybe she's broke and desperate. No publisher in their right mind would hire her after the way she undermined the credibility of the last rag she worked for. She's got no more stories to sell and she's not pretty enough to latch on to the next reality disaster. I hope Mikey made it worth her while, but I doubt it. She's dumb enough to take whatever he offers and deserves nothing more.