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Enough Already! How Much More Do We Have To Hear Before Gary Coleman's Killer Is Brought To Justice? 22.Jun.2010

Evil, I tell youAll right, all right, maybe she didn't outright kill him. There's no way (at least that I'm aware of) that prosecutors can prove Shannon pushed poor little Gary down the stairs for the last time. You know it wasn't the first. That bitch is evil. She let him lie on the floor bleeding to death instead of trying to provide first aid until the paramedics arrived. She hired professional photographers to take pictures of her with Gary on his deathbed, comatose, and then sold them to the highest bidder. She told the doctors to remove his life support, even though he had a medical will that stated he wanted to be kept alive as long as possible. Bitch even tried to clean out his house after he died - Shannon was caught on the premises loading up Gary's pickup truck with all of Gary's electronics and whatever else she might be able to pawn off. Thank goodness his friends showed up and gave her the boot.

Now Radar Online has made the most ominous discovery yet: Gary filed a restraining order against Shannon in February, just months before his fatal toss/fall. In it he claimed Shannon had moved back into his house against his wishes while he was in the hospital, and he couldn't get rid of her without risking her destroying everything out of spite. Like I said, bitch is evil. The order was filed by Gary's attorney under an anonymous John vs. Jane Doe deal, but there's no word on why it was never enforced, or if Shannon was even served. Either way, now Gary is gone and the evil bitch is doing everything she can to get her grubby mitts on whatever he had left.