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Britney Spears, Precision Driver: I Dedicate This Moving Violation To My Boys 11.Nov.2007

Take away her keysExpect to see an emergency hearing in the Spears v. Federline custody case first thing Monday. After Britney finally won a round in court last week, Federline's camp went back on their attack via tabloid. Kevin must be loving that arrangement: sell a story to a tabloid, preferably British, and make a nice sum, then use that story against her in court to get more money. There were also rumors this weekend of a positive drug test, but even TMZ's source said it was a "false positive". Whatever.

All that stuff is malarkey. What really scared the shit out of me was seeing Britney, court-appointed monitor hiding in the passenger seat, boys passed out in back, slowly cruise her car through a red light at what is called a "notoriously dangerous intersection".

It wasn't like the car was under attack, just the usual 40 or so paps. You know, Britney's friends. Nobody was standing in the street blocking her path. She just decided to keep rolling. The monitor should be fired - how she could be hiding when she should have stopped her from doing something dangerous? Isn't that what she's being paid for? One thing's for sure: Britney should not be allowed to drive with her children. Ever again.