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I'm Not Gonna Lie. I Find Her Slightly Adorable. 26.Nov.2007

Miley CyrusI don't even know what Hannah Montana does or what she sings or why she feels it is accetable to have a rhyming name but I do know that she is insanely popular. Oprah devoted an entire show to her and you know if O can make time for you, then you have probably hit it big. I also know that little girls and tweens love her and Miley Cyrus has not gone to rehab, flashed her vajayjay, failed a drug test or had a relationship with a back-up dancer which makes her a perfect angel in Hollywood. Though I do feel that Billy Ray Cyrus is in the running to be the next Joe Simpson right now he seems to be not quite insane and I will admit I have a real weakness for that Achey Brakey Heart song. As for Miley herself, she seems really cute and genuine. She has a bit of that Olsen twin look in her but she is slightly more animated.