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Are You Ready For Parenthood?! 02.Mar.2010

ParenthoodAfter what seemed like endless promos for the show during the Olympics (and could it be on any more subway ads) Parenthood finally premieres tonight. The reviews have been a little mixed so far mostly because there are just so many storylines to balance in this large ensemble show. However, the strong cast led by Peter Krause, Lauren Graham and Craig T. Nelson should guide the show well. Peter and his wife played by Monica Potter play a stressed couple who are dealing with the possibility that their son may have Asberger's, Lauren Graham plays a financially strapped mom of two rebellious teens who has to move in with her parents, Erica Christensen plays a Type-A high-powered attorney whose young daughther prefers the attention of her stay-at-home husband and Dax Shephard plays the youngest son (and pretty much Dax Shepard) whose girlfriend has given him a marriage deadline. Mae Whitman also stars as Lauren Graham's moody daughter. The show looks like it will be poignant and humourous and frankly it is just great that the 10 pm time slot is back on NBC (even though I think Conan O'Brien was treated unfairly and Jay Leno should be banished from television)!!! We know the show at least has to be better than The Marriage Ref.