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The Gloves Are Off: Jlo & Skeletor Stop Pretending To Be Happy. What Will Happen To Max & Emme? 13.Jan.2009

Just look at that body language. There is no love left between these two. Like I said previously, that scrawny runt is past his expiration date. JLo's got an itch, and she's gotta go.

This week's National Enquirer has this uncomfortably intimate shot of Jennifer and Marc apparently having words at a New Year's celebration. The emaciated one has long kept his wife on a tight leash, derailing her once lucrative career and leaving her nothing to live for but a ridiculously opulent lifestyle and two beautiful babies. Jen's dissatisfaction with domestic life is well known. She misses the limelight but has been biting her lip to keep the peace.

So much for that idea. I don't know what she did to piss off her atrophied spouse, but he sure let her have it, didn't he? Look at him, pointing his finger in her face, scolding her like she piddled on the rug. Jenny from the block looks like her feet hurt and she wants to break them up his ass. She looks more like a tough mama from the Bronx here than she has in years. Good to see she's still got it in her. She'll need it if she wants to make it to that Valentine's Day deadline. It's going to be a long month for these two.