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Strike 2: Blake Incarcerated Again Refuses Release To Rehab. Look What It's Done For His Wife 23.Sep.2008

This is not to say that rehab doesn't work. Individual results will vary. In other words, it depends on what you put into it. Want to see a successful recovery? Look at Robert Downey, Jr. Want to see what staying for only a few days or weeks will do when you need at least three months' therapy? Just ask Amy.

I'd LOL if it was really funny

Last week, Blake was offered early release if he lived with his mum and wore an ankle bracelet. He refused. This week they said he could get out two months early - but only if he went straight to rehab. Not surprisingly, he said, "No, no, no." Why should he? He's probably getting better smack inside, and doesn't have to worry about being arrested for it. If he serves his full sentence he'll be released without condition, which means he and Amy can go blast their brains out in a crack cave somewhere. She might not make it that long ... and that might be a blessing for her. She's just a drugged-out shell. She can't even spin other peoples' music anymore.