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Gossip Girl Kelly Rutherford Wins Round 1 In Custody Battle, Husband Must Content Himself With Bringing Up The Rear 23.Jan.2009

Start spreadin' the news ...This has to come as quite a blow to the guy who beat Google in court. Unlike some other husbands of famous women, this guy seems to actually have a career. It's still too bad, though. On December 2 they announced Kelly's pregnancy. On December 30 she filed for divorce.

But ol' Danny Boy can't win 'em all. Today an LA judge ruled that Kelly can take her little Scarf boy to New York so she can return to work. Daniel wanted to keep the boy with him in LA for business reasons, but the judge ruled it would create a serious hardship for the little guy, who is still nursing. He's only 2. That may be old enough to wean, but he still needs his mommy. Even if she is working 14-hour days.

He needs his daddy, too, according to the judge, who said he wants them both to see Hermes "every single day" in New York. That way he can be suckled and wet-napped to his heart's content. I know a lot of guys who'd trade places with him in a heartbeat.