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The Lohan Chronicles: From Fragile To Nervous And Scared In Mere Hours. Buy My Stupid Leggings So I Can Go Home 11.Dec.2008

Trashed againLindsay Lohan's sole remaining source of income, her 6126 leggings line, seems to be doing pretty well. According to some they're "blowing off the shelves." They might not be alone in the blowing off.

This past Monday Lindsay made an appearance at an LA Nordstrom's in support of her line. It wasn't a big draw - of the 60 who attended, 30 were paid to be there and an equally significant number were the starlet's entourage. You'd think traveling with such a large crowd would make Lindsay feel safe, but you'd be wrong.

Regardless, a few diehard I Know Who Killed Me fans did show up, but were told they had to make a purchase if they wanted to actually speak to the Blohan. Sadly, by the time she showed up she was in a sad state, complaining of feeling "very fragile", and was ushered into a secret back room to get a hold of herself. She stayed back there for two hours, doing God knows what, but only became "nervous and scared". I understand. Nordstrom's does that to me, too. In true crackhead fashion, Lindsay finally made her exit, walking straight past the few people left without even looking at them before taking off in her limo. How shameful. I hope each and every one of those fans got a refund and went home to rip the Mean Girls poster off their wall.