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Dr. Murray Says It's All Michael Jackson's Fault That He's Dead, Authorities Tend To Disagree 05.Apr.2010

You can't blame me. I'm dead.This guy's got some f**king nerve. He was paid well to be Michael's personal physician. That meant he was supposed to keep him healthy. Instead, he let him live on Coca-Cola, and he left his hopelessly addicted ass alone in a room full of lethally potent medications. And he wants us to believe it wasn't his fault that his patient died?

The latest scoop on the legal strategy of Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyers is that they're going to play the rape game: They're going to blame the victim for his own demise. They will claim that Michael injected himself with another dose of Propofol on top of the one the doctor gave him when the doc left the room to take a call from his girlfriend. When Murray returned to the room he found the pop star unresponsive, eyes wide open with dilated pupils. He also claims that Jackson was still alive when the EMTs took him out of the house, but this guy is such a liar, who could believe him? More importantly, if he did nothing, why did he run around hiding the Propofol when he should have been trying to resuscitate Michael?

Yes, Michael Jackson was a spoiled, demanding, emotionally stunted diva who wanted what he wanted when he wanted it, but he was also living so far out of the real world that he obviously couldn't be trusted to make the right decisions for himself. A real doctor who had his patient's best interests at heart would not keep piping drugs into his system to shut him up; he would insist that his patient seek treatment for his addictions. Like the doctors who gave Anna Nicole the drugs that killed her, this doctor should also be punished for his recklessness.