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Holy Beef Curtains! The Hills Is Real? If You Believe That I've Got A Bridge In Brooklyn You Can Have Cheap. 15.Nov.2007

ThemBut you've got to act now, before the Easter Bunny exercises his buy option. There are a couple of other mystical entities that are interested, too, so don't delay.

I usually don't write much about The Hills. I hate those brainless bitches, but sometimes stuff comes around that I simply cannot pass up. This is one of those times.

Despite pics all over the web of Heidi arriving and departing from LAX in the space of ten minutes and Lauren changing her nail polish color in the blink of an eye, despite "co-workers" saying Heidi doesn't actually do any work at her alleged job, despite all this and more, there are still those people out there that want it to be real so bad, they refuse to think otherwise. Lauren knows how they feel, and issued a statement today that obviously wasn't written by her publicist: "There have been some rumors in the press about The Hills being fake. Many of you have been asking me if the rumors are true. There are false rumors every week about me and I can? t address every rumor out there, but I feel like this was important for me to respond to. The show is not fake and this is really my life." Whew. I feel a lot better now, don't you?