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Fishnets And A Side Of Fraud: Oscar De La Hoya's Got Lots More 'splaining To Do 15.Nov.2007

With OscarRemember these shots? I'm sure Oscar and his now-pregnant wife do. Just when Oscar thought it was safe, they're back ... along with a $100 million lawsuit. Milana Dravel, stripper and amateur photographer, is reportedly filing suit against de la Hoya in Manhattan State Supreme Court this morning for "alleged fraud, defamation, interference with contract, infliction of emotional distress and undue influence," her lawyer said. Milana is claiming that de la Hoya's camp set out to destroy her in the media after she sold the pics to x17 Online for a measly $70,000. I guess the $100 million in the lawsuit must be for all the suffering she did while partying up her 70 large.

Milana still swears the photos are the real thing. If what she claims is true, I guess she's entitled to some kind of award, but $100 million does seem a bit excessive. But you wanna know what's really odd? Milana looks an awful lot like the girl Rihanna was grinding on in that recent pic - see what I mean? Homegirl sure gets around.With Rihanna