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Lindsay's Got A Sex Tape, Says Meeting Trafficked Kids Was Oddly Familiar 16.Jan.2010

The other end doesn't look much betterWow, it was like looking in the mirror, but like long ago when it was still like hanging on the wall. You know, if a kid is like attractive or something, no one knows, but they know, you know? I dunno. I've never heard such a bunch of nothing in my life. And all the while she was jonesin', she couldn't sit still or hold a thought for more than five seconds.

Lindsay somehow managed to persuade someone at the BBC to bank her little documentary about child trafficking in India. Silly twit that she is, she fails to see the irony of a former child star turned crack hag trying to bring awareness to the same thing her parents did to her. But we're talking about India here. India, where Lindsay spent a total of about two days, where she tweeted about saving 40 kids and then had to eat her words, and where she toured the ghettos behind the tinted windows of an air-conditioned limo. You can catch the one-minute preview clip here. It's wretched.

Equally wretched I'm sure is the alleged sex tape of Lindsay said to be floating around somewhere. It's supposed to be a short clip (probably captured on a cell phone) of Lindsay performing some kind of deviant sex act. She was said to be concerned about its release, but then showed up at a sex toy release with her saggy orange cans hanging out. She'll be doing the time share/cruise line circuit soon.